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How to show up at work with the most colourful lunch ever

I got so motivated trying this recipe out! The video showing you how to prepare it, is definetely just too cute – unfortunately it is facebook embeded, so for a start only a photograph now. As soon as I grab hold of a free video version though, I am gonna share the link! In any case, anyone will definetely get the admiration of their office mates for such a glass. Speaking of Asian-inspired noodle soups – they are also great dinners, cause within no time you can prepare some pretty decent, filling and yummy meals. Explained here:

Luxurious, mass-produced or rather self-made

Eat your cuttlery! It is stylish, saves the planet, and you can make it yourself in any forms you wish. Edible spoons have gained attention outside of the world of cocktail partys as an Indian, Narayana Peesapaty, sees a possibility to reduce plastic waste in India by turning edible spoons into a commodity; currently, consumption of one-time-use plastic cuttlery is high and their substitution by edible spoons could pronouncedly decrease the total plastic consumption of this country. This is of course a very inspiring and yummy idea! In any case, edible spoons are nowadays everywhere (they are not copryright protectable) – here some examples:

Krauts eat kraut – at least for New Years Eve

Long time ago, the British or the Americans or some other enemy of Germany during world war I or II decided to nickhname the entire populus as ‘Krauts’. Apparently, back then, Germans dieted on an – for the Western world – unusual high amount of sauerkraut. As mentioned – that was of course long time ago. Since then, Germany was not only globalized but had a huge influx of Italian and Turkish migrants (aka. Gastarbeiter) that shaped modern German cuisine and eating habits like no other nation. Kraut dishes have lost hugely importance in daily cooking (despite a revival cause of modern health food trends). However, there is one evening in the whole year when kraut still dominates dinner plates all over the country (see photograph taken from this blog): new years eve! The reason of course is that – as in many other countries – Germans believe that eating the right thing for new years eve increases monetory success the upcoming year. And, hey, sauerkraut does have a gold-like colour – right? – it …

Your food measured in sugar cubes

This tastes so sweet – but how sweet? The guys behind the ‘sugar delirium‘-blog created a comprehensive way, that one can easily grasp the sugar content of common foods. On they provide pictures of common foods alongside their sugar content counted in the number of sugar cubes. Impressive is how much you eat in a single thanksgiving dinner (see picture). So how much sugar is healthy per day? It is a question hard to answer. On average, an intake of about 30g or 7 cubes of sugar is recommended in the case of free sugar – however, intake of complex sugars bound in some form of whole grain may exceed these measures. Also, the recommended amount varies for different types of sugars, e.g. glucose or fructose. And, recommendations seem to need to be adapted to distinct populations and individuals. Sugar delirium regularly discusses the frontiers of scientific findings regarding sugar intake recommendations. In the meantime, their sugar cube project gives intriguing insights. Have a look on their fruits collection for example. Fruits are often …