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Upflating your kitchen

Do you live in a tinnie-tiny apartment and get kinda claustrophobic some time? There is a solution: just draw the world you wanna live in on your wall. You don’t believe me that it works – just take a look on the picture and convince yourself that it DOES work. If you are not great in drawing – the artist in the picture is called Mar Hernandez and works at ‘Espacio Oculto Madrid‘ – an artist community that is always looking out to organize more happenings (maybe even decorating your kitchen – ask them!). Mar, for example, is a big fan of the intitution of dining together. Check out here video below:

What is Cooking? Mascara!

I guess the perfect make-up is the one that makes a guy just want to eat your face – right 😀 This is an area we are a bit interested in – after all this blog is called LeckerBiss – yummy bite – so if there is a recipe out there how you can smear a strawberry pudding into your face and just look splendid, we would like to know it! As I said – Lecker-BITE (I would run around like that all the time if it ever becomes a thing). Well, kinda you can. As all of you know there are all this make-up bloggers out there who just know how to create make-up at home from things you normally eat. The idea is simple: step into your kitchen and take healthy stuff – BUT now you turn them into make-up! After all this is a life-style, and the blogging scene is the earth it is growing on! The lovely blog Naturelle offers tons of such recipes… In particular for lipstick (a comprehensive list …

Lifehacks: The 5 min lunch based on CousCous magic

Dave Hakkens is at the moment trying to revolutionize the world a bit by turning as many of us as possible into plastic recyclers (and yes, for some reason his pseudonym sounds like the Dutch version of the other life-hacks channel we inroduced earlier this year…). The man also knows how to eat well, as he demonstrates in the life-hack video below. Before I will cover more of his work (in fact, I am gonna write him an email because I want to learn what his idea is what one could do with all the supermarket plastic bags), I thought it is worth sharing just this little video, as it is easily overlooked on his youtube channel… It is very cute and makes me want some couscous for lunch as well 🙂 Of course, I think though that the one ingredient which is missing in his recipe is hemp 😉 But otherwise: marvellous idea!

How to show up at work with the most colourful lunch ever

I got so motivated trying this recipe out! The video showing you how to prepare it, is definetely just too cute – unfortunately it is facebook embeded, so for a start only a photograph now. As soon as I grab hold of a free video version though, I am gonna share the link! In any case, anyone will definetely get the admiration of their office mates for such a glass. Speaking of Asian-inspired noodle soups – they are also great dinners, cause within no time you can prepare some pretty decent, filling and yummy meals. Explained here:

The hair pick – a must have in every kitchen (once you’ve gone cutting onions that way, you will never go back)

Cutting and slicing isn’t easy. Of course, there are slicing boards (here is what I mean with slicing board by the way). But sometimes you do not need super thin slices and boards take up to much time.Thankefully, there is the super-lovely, life-hack youtube-channel ‘DaveHax‘ which brought to my attention, that all that I was ever missing in a kitchen is: A hairpick! Of course, you can also buy those as specially labeled ‘onion slicers‘ (again slicer for such a different kitchen item – why does the English language has to be so imprecise??). However, ‘DaveHax‘ explains to you, why a dedicated hair style product is a must go in the kitchen – besides onions you can do lots more with this ‘instrument’. And, believe me, you very quickly become accustomed to his method. It doesn’t stop here. On his channel, you can find sooo much more life hacks that make one’s days easier… So, enjoy his very British voice to be taught up on fundamental things. Believe me it IS each time a revelation …

THE smart way of cooking spaghetti

Alright the pic above does not fit the text – but it’s just supersweet, so thank you ‘Herr-Teddy-goes-Rock!-Oder-Pop?‘. I discovered a life-changing trick today: how to cook noodles in an energy saving way. In fact, the recipe is much more than this – it saves soooooo much time!!!  You don’t need to carry a huge bowl of water over to your cooker and wait for ever till it finally cooks (meanwhile in the process adding too much salt). In short, just take a deep frying pan, add the noodles or spaghetti, and cover them with cold (the trick is cold) water. Then heat the pan (for me it is maximum heat) and wait till the water gets soaked up. Once almost completely (well I always get curious already at half way) soaked up, try whether the spaghetti are al dente. Finished! Nice little background story – legend tells that originally some high school students developed this protocol for a ‘Science Fair’ in the wine growing areas of Germany  (here the link).