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Shall I buy or make it myself??

So – here is an idea (that I am publishing it almost feels like advertisement) that just is really pretty: On the link above, you will get to a side where you can buy it. However, of course, theoretical you can make this by yourself… It is really pretty and I just like the colours you can incooperate into it 🙂 If you have any ideas how to hack it for individualistic puposes, please, go ahead and comment – in any case I am gonna hack it myself soon, too – and let you know 😉

Spiralizing Cuisine – Hemsley + Hemsley

The two British sis, Food Gurus and business women ‘Hemsley + Hemsley’ customized a special kitchen utensil: the Hemsley + Hemsley spiralizer. It turns any vegetable you have into a spiral. And that opens the door for a multitude of wonderfull new dishes. E.g. they propose the most simple dish where you turn courgettes into spirals, and treat them as if they were spaghetti. Serve them with a simple tomato/basil-pesto and – Voilá – your day brightens. And, courgettes are just the start… There are so many more vegies that look fantastic when spiralized 🙂 The tool alongside all kinds of tips can be purchased at their website: . Enjoy your meal!