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Edible six-pence rings to fight plastic waste

The plastic rings holding together a beer six-pence kill marine animals in very cruel ways (see for example these pictures). The craft beer brand Saltwater Brewery, targeting surfers, fishermen and ocean lovers, wanted to show that the madness can be stopped. Together  with the New York-based small agency We Believers, they developed edible six-pences made from wheat and barley, i.e. the stuff that is left over when brewing beer. A magnificent story (first reported in the net by the way here)!!! Very yummy!!! That of course reminds me a bit about my thoughts on edible spoons I wrote about recently, so I thought this break-through is also gonna shared on this blog! Cheerioh!!

Luxurious, mass-produced or rather self-made

Eat your cuttlery! It is stylish, saves the planet, and you can make it yourself in any forms you wish. Edible spoons have gained attention outside of the world of cocktail partys as an Indian, Narayana Peesapaty, sees a possibility to reduce plastic waste in India by turning edible spoons into a commodity; currently, consumption of one-time-use plastic cuttlery is high and their substitution by edible spoons could pronouncedly decrease the total plastic consumption of this country. This is of course a very inspiring and yummy idea! In any case, edible spoons are nowadays everywhere (they are not copryright protectable) – here some examples:

I feel like I’m getting fat just looking at the picture…

Doughnuts are sugary calorie bombs that are ridiculously tasty, whether it is snack or breakfast. Cinnamon rolls are also a lovely sticky treat that is on par with doughnuts. So, what if you want both – AT THE SAME TIME! Well, someone has thought about you. Chef Thiago Silva created this artery clogging horror for your family practitioner or a little piece of heaven, depending on your point of view. You can check out more images on his Instagram account or view the link below within the caption to the Nerdist page. Please excuse me while I go run a marathon.