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‘Lost Eggs in Burgundy Sauce’

I found an old cooking book from 1938 from South Chile (even back then Germans lived in Chile – not like all the Nazi-associations everybody immediately gets). The little black, hand-written cooking book survived all this years. See picture! In this book, there is one recipe, I have never seen before. And, I wonder where it comes from. Knowing the author, I can see that maybe she read it SOMEWHERE and found it extraordinary chiqué! Quite a thing. The chef in question was a Master in cutting veggies for a soup particularly small because it is elegant (and her soups tasted soooo good!!). She was a lady through and through – so, I guess this recipe is a kind of window in her origins. (I hope she doesn’t read this from heaven…). Let me be clear – I haven’t tried the recipe so far. There is a simple reason: it is a recipe how to prepare eggs in a red wine sauce. Being modern German, I find red wine too luxurious to be wasted to …

Still on the hunt for THE egg plant recipe – and having discovered other important things instead

  Some time ago I wrote about a fantastic egg plant recipe. Well, I was promised to be soon provided with the recipe – it is from North Iran. There is a trick associated with it, cause best the egg plant is best prepared on a coal grill and the recipe needs to be adapted to electric kitchen ovens. In the meantime, I would like to elaborate a bit more about preparing egg plant for a mouse. The basic recipe of it is similar to a fish sauce recipe I published 2 years ago. In short, you need to quarter an egg plant. Then leave it in the oven for 45 minutes at 200°C. By baking, all the bitter flavours of egg plant are neutralized. Quite simple Once you are done backing peel and muse the egg plant by cutting it into a puree. Heat olive oil and add the egg plant together with cut garlic (one clove per agg plant) and turmeric (curcuma) as well as chillie and salt. Even this basic recipe will …

Mangold quick mixed spring pan – (welcome late spring and be in trend with FAO’s international year of pulses)

I am a lazy cook but I love mangold. Thanks God, I have a wok, so that is no dilemma for me. Given the current temperature change towards full blown spring, I so needed something really green, fresh and light. You know – a full blown veggie and beans mix Italian style. There is not much you can do wrong with such recipes; just get everything you have and put it together in one pot, i.e. wok. Moreover, with such a recipe you are currently absolutely en vogue and up to date. As you may know FAO announced the international year of pulses this year – so anything containing beans is in trend. They even gave out an official recipe list (it can be found here) – however, I think this recipe list absolutely offers room for improvement. For example, the recipe I am presenting here is not on the list… Here is what I used: 3 magolds (see picture) 1 larger (but not too large) white onion. 1 garlic clove 4 tomatos 220 to …

How to show up at work with the most colourful lunch ever

I got so motivated trying this recipe out! The video showing you how to prepare it, is definetely just too cute – unfortunately it is facebook embeded, so for a start only a photograph now. As soon as I grab hold of a free video version though, I am gonna share the link! In any case, anyone will definetely get the admiration of their office mates for such a glass. Speaking of Asian-inspired noodle soups – they are also great dinners, cause within no time you can prepare some pretty decent, filling and yummy meals. Explained here:

THE smart way of cooking spaghetti

Alright the pic above does not fit the text – but it’s just supersweet, so thank you ‘Herr-Teddy-goes-Rock!-Oder-Pop?‘. I discovered a life-changing trick today: how to cook noodles in an energy saving way. In fact, the recipe is much more than this – it saves soooooo much time!!!  You don’t need to carry a huge bowl of water over to your cooker and wait for ever till it finally cooks (meanwhile in the process adding too much salt). In short, just take a deep frying pan, add the noodles or spaghetti, and cover them with cold (the trick is cold) water. Then heat the pan (for me it is maximum heat) and wait till the water gets soaked up. Once almost completely (well I always get curious already at half way) soaked up, try whether the spaghetti are al dente. Finished! Nice little background story – legend tells that originally some high school students developed this protocol for a ‘Science Fair’ in the wine growing areas of Germany  (here the link).  

Ratatouille it like Pixar

Hola people! Sorry for my personally hiatus. Life took over. And by life I mean new job, new city, new life. 😛 🙂 I bow down to LeckerFoodie for holding down the fort. So *rubs hands* let jump right back in. I saw this awesome how-to video to make ratatouille like in the Pixar film. The guy also gives some awesome ideas for other unconventional variations as well. Enjoy & happy weekend!