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Cacti Sales Pop Up

Love hurts. But we do love the little green in our kitchen and apartments. Some time ago, I wrote about some elaborate new indoor farming system that is conquering the world. Yet, let’s face it – most of us are damn lazy gardeners – not even speaking about farming. Thanks Good, there are plants out there that do not mind our unreliability: cacti! In fact, a cactus – a little green cactus – can be your best friend. Friendly, with some edgy shapes that scream out to the world: ‘I’ve got character’, it is there in your kitchen sparkling in all its green glory! At Bitte Coffeehouse & süße griechische Kleinigkeiten in Berlin  you will find a place where cacti are very much appreciated. Knowing that – concerning cacti – all that is missing for someone to get one is the right stimulus, they are hosting this Saturday a Pop-up Store for cacti and suculents! In fact, they are advertising that this will be the place where you can really get the weirdest cacti with …

Villa Ratatouille in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is definetly the labtop bag among the German towns: practical, condensed, and rather sporty than beautifull. Around every 10years, half of its population is substituted by new immigrants. That makes this town sometimes a bit anonymous, especially for all the expats, yuppies and other career-starters that moved into the city to find their luck. You are not alone! A vibrant scene of local creatives is constantly trying to figure out how to entertain you! Especially, a vibrant culinary event scene offers quite pleasent distractions from daily routine. Check them out and mark everything you like in your calendar. Among the prime targets any creative event maker has in Frankfurt is of course to hold an event in the area of the Frankfurt main train station. This infamous area is cursed by prostitution, organized crime, and drug addicts. Thus, it is a very ‘authentic’ place and has gained the attention of the local Hispter scene – leading to the opening of quite a number of Hipster bars in that area. The newest big thing: Villa …

Auswandererbier (emigrants’ beer) – perfection in taste and function!

The eccentric, edgy blog of Michael Risse brought this little pearl among the beers to our attention. True story – the beer called ’emigrant’s beer’ – was created in 1849 by a father for his son who needed to escape Germany to America due to political reasons.The loving and very skilled father created a beer that was uniquely suited for the long transport to America.  Intense hopping and a high alcohol content makes the beer very robust and long-time storeable. Mr Risse – an acknowledged gourmet and realist – describes the taste as “incredibly intense, especially accentuated, and impressive” beer. The brewery Faust (Brauerei Faust in Miltenberg) has remained in family ownership ever since and you can buy this for €  9,95 per bottle. Currently it is run by Johannes Faust by the way. So – nice little bit of history here 😉

Luxurious, mass-produced or rather self-made

Eat your cuttlery! It is stylish, saves the planet, and you can make it yourself in any forms you wish. Edible spoons have gained attention outside of the world of cocktail partys as an Indian, Narayana Peesapaty, sees a possibility to reduce plastic waste in India by turning edible spoons into a commodity; currently, consumption of one-time-use plastic cuttlery is high and their substitution by edible spoons could pronouncedly decrease the total plastic consumption of this country. This is of course a very inspiring and yummy idea! In any case, edible spoons are nowadays everywhere (they are not copryright protectable) – here some examples:

Stay informed thanks to ‘Good Food Ireland’

New in Ireland? All-time homie? Or are you planning whether to hope over to the Ireland for some lovely holiday experience? Well, in any case, ‘Good Food Ireland’ is here to help you get to know Ireland using all of your senses. Their constantly updated event calendar brings together a colourful range of quality-checked food events – including wine tastings, butter making courses, special events at bar and restaurants, all types of cooking classes as well as many other things. So, go ahead and stay updated!