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Krauts eat kraut – at least for New Years Eve

Long time ago, the British or the Americans or some other enemy of Germany during world war I or II decided to nickhname the entire populus as ‘Krauts’. Apparently, back then, Germans dieted on an – for the Western world – unusual high amount of sauerkraut. As mentioned – that was of course long time ago. Since then, Germany was not only globalized but had a huge influx of Italian and Turkish migrants (aka. Gastarbeiter) that shaped modern German cuisine and eating habits like no other nation. Kraut dishes have lost hugely importance in daily cooking (despite a revival cause of modern health food trends). However, there is one evening in the whole year when kraut still dominates dinner plates all over the country (see photograph taken from this blog): new years eve! The reason of course is that – as in many other countries – Germans believe that eating the right thing for new years eve increases monetory success the upcoming year. And, hey, sauerkraut does have a gold-like colour – right? – it …

On the spotlight: Streetfood Hamburg

Streetfood Hamburg is organising their second streetfood Thursday this week. The idea is simple: the organisers create space for an one-evening market on which chefs and gastronomic institution can sell their best as streetfood to the market visitors. Givent the plentitude of excellent restaurants and food providors in Hamburg, it is a great opportunity for visitors to meet and get to know them all on one spot. Plus, the social mingle is a pleasent opportunity to broaden your social contacts in Hamburg. It is highly recommendable to all expats and others living in Hamburg, register at:

And another national holiday: today is national wine day in Moldova

Many of you may know about Romanian wine, but yes, of course, Moldova is pretty awesome when it comes to wine, too. Unfortunately, their wine industry is more under pressure by poor domestic spending capacity and low level of export (in fact Russia recently banned Moldovan wine imports cause Moldova dared to sign a treaty with the EU). But, Moldovans love their wine and support it with this very important festival (the stamp is dedicated to the festival in fact). If you want to read more about the topic, start here, here or here!

The countdown is running down: only few hours left till Cinnamon Bunn Day

A friend of mine (thank you Helena) has a theory: in order for Swedes (she is Swedish herself) to be able to combat the dark season (sth Sweden is blessed with) they invent holidays. See for example the Cinnamon Bunn Day ( or For all none-Swedes among you, Cinnamon Bunn Day is situated on the 4th of October. If your local bakery shop does not supply you with Bunns, recipes can be found elsewhere, for example here: Cinnamon buns Enjoy!

On the spotlight: „How much is enough“

In the old days there were salons. Here, intellectuals could meet and discuss during tea on relevant topics. Nowadays, we are all pretty intellectualized while striving in different experience spheres. A friend of mine started an initiative bringing the salon to dinner. With a group of – mainly architects – she organised dinners during which people could discuss on the very relevant topics of our time. I admire her initiative, so let me share the link with you: