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My personal top 5 of current GMO foods

Sometimes we write about a little bit more sciency stuff…  It is part of food, too. In particular, my mind was captured again by the world of science recently, cause I stumbled over some lists of common GMO foods. Basically, with certain crops, you cannot avoid buying GMO nowhere in the Western world anymore. This may not be bad, of course, after all genetic modification has been acclaimed for saving the papaya in Hawai. Others, like the squash, may do the harm to the environment that GMO foods were always feared for. A 2013 list by the Huffingtion Post, sums up the 7 most common GMO food out there (by the way, did the Huff Post copy-pasted that list from here ??!!). Other lists bring together the bizarre and freaky of that field (see also here) – long live Frankenstein! (human milk-producing cows – yuk!) Also, I like this list as it compiles the most beneficial GMO crops out there – so serious Science in the field can actually contribute to the well-being of mankind …

Biotech Optimizes Ice Cream

Very brilliantly Scientists in a collaboration between Dundee and Edinburgh University figured out that when you add a protein into ice-cream, it doesn’t melt away so quickly – staying intact longer as well as preventing sticky fingers and stains. The protein can be naturally found in ‘Natto’ – a Japanese breakfirst (doesn’t look too appealing to me). Natto is a salty breakfirst, but you just add the protein anyway. So, besides staying in form, the protein also does the trick of making the ice cream a lot healthier of course (read more here). The Scientists hope that the optimized ice cream can be already brought to market in 3 years! So – another little bit of Science to brighten your daily life 😉