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Dinning like Cersei

Do you get itchy by the thought of how many months are still remaining until season six starts? Did you mark in your calendar potential dates when ‚Winds of Winter‘ may come out ahead of the series, so that you stay updated about Westeros? Are you scandalized by the news that HBO is considering pushing back the premiere of GoT back in favor of another series? Then I can offer you a very pleasant way of comforting you through GoT-withdrawel period: ‘The Inn at the Crossroads’. The first official GoT food blog is just the most comprehensive list of Westerosi cuisine – with some information about Esso‘s cooking as well. Links for ebooks with Westerosi recipes (some of which include forwords by George RR Martin himself – yay!) are available. And, yeah, the name of the blog DOES sound familiar: it is an actual location from the song of ice and fire. So, read the recipe? Gathered all necessary ingredients and kitchen utilities? Then, only one thing is missing: the correct attitude while dinning. To …

Gormet Junk Food

Ever wondered what your favorite snack would like look if a proper chef prepared them? Well, now you can you can. There is an Instagram account where a chef uses things like potato chips and creates amazing plates that would probably cause grey hairs with other professionals. 🙂 Check out the rest of the story here and enjoy the artificial colors.  

Disgusting Shots

I believe in trying something new (and not illegal), even if you may not like the consequences. In this case it was alcohol tasting… I had the ‘pleasure’ of trying gin for the first time more recently. My sibling used to be a bar tender and provided the apt, though crass, renaming of gin & tonic to be piss & tonic. That experience was a first & last for myself. I tip my hat off to those who can consume that, as well as cheap vodka because both have a strong rubbing alcohol odor when served neat. This experience ranks up there with Jägermeister. These guys have provided a top ten list of vile concoctions that people are brave or stupid enough to consume. Some of the names are just a turn off (Tapeworm anyone?). Good luck to those who continue to the full list here. Which alcohol do you like the least?

MRI Fruit

So, you work in a hospital & you are an MRI tech. The docs need you to prep the machine. How do you do it? With fruit (and veggies)! Andy Ellison at Boston University Medical School preps the machine before the human’s get on board with fruit and save the hypnotic images from the tests. I recommend checking out the link to see the rest.