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Disgusting Shots

I believe in trying something new (and not illegal), even if you may not like the consequences. In this case it was alcohol tasting… I had the ‘pleasure’ of trying gin for the first time more recently. My sibling used to be a bar tender and provided the apt, though crass, renaming of gin & tonic to be piss & tonic. That experience was a first & last for myself. I tip my hat off to those who can consume that, as well as cheap vodka because both have a strong rubbing alcohol odor when served neat. This experience ranks up there with Jägermeister. These guys have provided a top ten list of vile concoctions that people are brave or stupid enough to consume. Some of the names are just a turn off (Tapeworm anyone?). Good luck to those who continue to the full list here. Which alcohol do you like the least?

Take a SWIG out of this flask!

Ok, not exactly food or drink, but a very lovely bit of kit to store your favorite beverage. For those whiskey lovers (or their loved ones), here is a great little stocking stuffer for the holidays. SWIG® hip flasks is a small company in the UK. The little bottles are work of art in itself and you can add more personality with the selection of pouches available. I personally love the Union Jack one, though the orange below is also fantastic.  

On the spotlight: Canasinth

Swiss can sometimes be a little bit crazy. For example there is this Swiss distillation called “Absinthe Distribution” ( which takes pride in keeping alive traditional absinthe recipes from “Val-de-Travers”. All their alcohols are based on natural herbs. One of their newest creation is cannabis flavored absinthe. No worries, the absinthe only contains flavours and no THC or other cannabinoids at substantial levels. (In this context, I would like to stress that it is the dangerously dumb to mix alcohol with THC; the effects can be deadly and are not enjoyable). As I said, this alcohol by “Absinthe Distribution” is not live-threatening – it is just very wicked and catchy when it comes to content plants. They are out for creating a cult-drink. In this manner, they play the perfect hippie-card by claiming all of their ingredients are eco-friendly grown. As if we never heard this story before… Given the bluntness of their advertising tricks, I am sure they are gonna be succesfull 😀