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A song of lecker: Dilekerei

A little note on languages. When you jump from baker to bakery in German – which is Bäcker and Bäckerei respectively – you change from masculine to feminine. The guy who does it is a dude but the work he is doing is feminine. German is a bit more complicated so we do not say THE baker and THE bakery – we make it clear: there is a difference – DER Bäcker (male) and DIE Bäckerei (female). And, alike English, you can turn almost anything into a business: bakery, winery, grocery etc… However, if you turn Lecker – like in LeckerBiss – into a noun, the adjective ‚tasty‘ becomes a noun for tasty things: Leckerein. The singular is feminine – die Leckerei – yet, not a work anymore but a thing. Most often by the way Leckerei is used for sweet things. And, yes Die Leckerei – that sounds a little bit like the Turkish name Dilek – a name for girls. At least that‘s what Dilek thought – a girl from Berlin. So when …

Cacti Sales Pop Up

Love hurts. But we do love the little green in our kitchen and apartments. Some time ago, I wrote about some elaborate new indoor farming system that is conquering the world. Yet, let’s face it – most of us are damn lazy gardeners – not even speaking about farming. Thanks Good, there are plants out there that do not mind our unreliability: cacti! In fact, a cactus – a little green cactus – can be your best friend. Friendly, with some edgy shapes that scream out to the world: ‘I’ve got character’, it is there in your kitchen sparkling in all its green glory! At Bitte Coffeehouse & süße griechische Kleinigkeiten in Berlin  you will find a place where cacti are very much appreciated. Knowing that – concerning cacti – all that is missing for someone to get one is the right stimulus, they are hosting this Saturday a Pop-up Store for cacti and suculents! In fact, they are advertising that this will be the place where you can really get the weirdest cacti with …

On the spotlight: Worldwide Berlin!

Berlin is the capital of Germany but it’s inhabitants feel that their hometown is far greater than that – more like it’s own planet. And, they are not alone. Around the world there are more than 100 places which are called Berlin. No matter whether in Papua New Guinea or Russia: Berlin is everywhere. Shown in the picture is a snapshot from Berlin in Bolivia where more Lamas than people live. The “glocal” project “Worldwide Berlin” explores all of these places and compares them with each other. Among the many topics covered is of course the food eaten in the different Berlins. So, check it out: