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Just not Sriracha… :)

The world is full of copy cats. And, the better you are the more posers will try to be just as you are. For example, there is nothing like Sriracha Hot Sauce out there – the legendary chillie sauce brand that inspired a new beer flavour. However, sometimes when you go to the supermarket, you will find bottles of chillies that look just as Sriracha – with the little exception of the major image being different… Quite funny what alternative images people came up with… In any case, apparently, you cannot protect the Sriracha bottle as a trademark, so be carefull what you are buying cause the fakes really differ in taste from the original Sriracha 😦 Here comes a little gallery of Sriracha look-alikes found all over the globe from the US, to Israel, to Belgium, to Thailand:

Spicy carrot salad

It took me quite a while to figure out this recipe since the combination of ingredients was unusual to me. And, some preparatory steps are involved to make this salad great; this recipe is not only about tastes but also about looks and texture. Once prepared the salad lasts for up to a week in the fridge and the flavors are more intensive after one day storage. This is what you need for 4 people: 500g carrots 10 thin spring onions (scallions) 10 soup spoons sesame seeds 1 long thin chili sesame oil olive or sun flower oil apple vinegar lemon juice salt pepper Start by peeling the carrots and grating them. Add the sesame seeds to the carrot salad and mix. Cut the chili into very small pieces and add it to the carrots and mix: Cut the spring onions into thin discs and add to the mixture as well. Now there are two different ways how to add oil to the salad; the main oil ingredient of this salad is sesame oil. as …