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Food and Learning Languages

Heatparcel and KitchenCounterCulture portrayed this very special ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) initiative from Manchester, where immigrant women learn English through making pierogi. The initiative is quite success among the participants – all of us who ever tried to learn a language may instinctively know why. It definetely cannot get much more applied when it comes to speaking a foreign language than trying to communicate over cooking food. Moreover, the common task offers a fantastic framework in which people can find a ground to speak with each other. However, the initiative, of course, stands on a tight leash when it comes to finances. More about the issue, how you can help the pierogi ESOL initiative, and what it really does for the participants you can read Heartparcel – the official blog of this initiative!

Bitter and sweet – my favourite way of eating sweet potato fries – a quick recipe

With sweet potato fries, it is usually love on the first bite. Preparing them is a bit of an art though. Don’t get me wrong, in fact, it is pretty simple, you just cook or bake the potatoes for a short time, fry them in oil, and put some chillie powder above them. However, every now and then, you will encounter some restaurant or food vendor who figured the ultimate trick how to prepare sweet potato fries. The result is just genuine, heavenly sticks! Although your home-made version is pretty awesome, those are by some dimensions better than yours – a galactic phenomenon. At least this was my thought when I tried the Sweet Potato French Fries from a vendor in the spectacular ‘Arminushalle‘ in Berlin Moabit (always worth a visit!! – see pic). My ambition is sparked – at some point I will figure out their recipe (eventhough the chef who sold me the fries said I should just enjoy – not all secrets are ment to be known). What I liked about their fries …

Mangold quick mixed spring pan – (welcome late spring and be in trend with FAO’s international year of pulses)

I am a lazy cook but I love mangold. Thanks God, I have a wok, so that is no dilemma for me. Given the current temperature change towards full blown spring, I so needed something really green, fresh and light. You know – a full blown veggie and beans mix Italian style. There is not much you can do wrong with such recipes; just get everything you have and put it together in one pot, i.e. wok. Moreover, with such a recipe you are currently absolutely en vogue and up to date. As you may know FAO announced the international year of pulses this year – so anything containing beans is in trend. They even gave out an official recipe list (it can be found here) – however, I think this recipe list absolutely offers room for improvement. For example, the recipe I am presenting here is not on the list… Here is what I used: 3 magolds (see picture) 1 larger (but not too large) white onion. 1 garlic clove 4 tomatos 220 to …

Bed your Sweet Potato!

Simple truth – sweet potato is a very, very delicious food! And, it is so easily tranformed into a delicious meal – the perfect ingredient for a lazy cook! For example – assuming you want dinner ready in 20 minutes (portions for three people) – take 300g of sweet potato (around 2) and 300g of cèpe (a French name for a very special boletus – yellow boletus). Also you need 3 shallots and as much fresh parsley as you want. First peel and cut the sweet potato into thin pieces – around 0.5 to 1cm thin. Put the peeled and cut potato into boiling water and leave it for 3 minutes. Afterwards discard the water and keep the potatoes at the site. Clean the cèpe and cut it. Peel the shallots and cut them as well. In a pan first heat olive oil to maximum until it starts frizzling. Then add the shallots. Reduce the heat to medium and fry the shallots untill they become glazzed. Heat them a little bit more until they start …

Friendly Food Club

I found this article fascinating. An opportunity to learn how to cook (on a budget), make friends and improve your health: In the nine years since his Dorset-based Friendly Food Club launched its first project – a mobile soup kitchen – Tony has taught thousands of financially, physically and emotionally vulnerable people basic cooking skills. Teenage mothers, children, ex-prisoners, the elderly, disabled, homeless and socially isolated have all attended free workshops where the plain-speaking former teacher, designer and restaurateur shares his knowledge and passion for cooking.