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Sweet Potato Toast

Do you know Kelsey from ‘Little Bits Of’ – she is the food blogger who invented 1 month ago sweet potato toast. You heard right sweet potato TOAST, not toasted sweet potato or roasted sweet potato. No,she sliced a a sweet potato as if it were bread and put it into her toaster. And then she just put stuff on it for breakfast, and, yes, that mad her morning. As the net, is the net, one month was enough to create a new food fashion trend. So, if you want to be in style currently – eat sweet potato toast in the morning. It’s a thing!

The 5 best you-tube channels for making your children kick-ass food

Having children means getting soaked into a world full of trends and fashions the child-less adult has no idea about. Some of them are cool and make you feel alive, others can be annoying… Moreover, as much as you want to invest in your child and raise it in a responsible, inspired way, every now and then (when all your energy, wisdome, and ideas suddenly just leave you again) you feel tempered of allowing them to follow the most stupid trends and latest ‚in‘-things out there, i.e. to game the extra hour, spend to much money on some franchise items,  eat this unhealthy/useless candies now en vogue, and visit the bad influence idiot friend who is currently the opinion leader in the hood/school (the last comment was mean, but a friend of mine – mother of a 5 year old – really phrased it like this). Why ? – cause your kid wants to belong to the group and just enjoy bizzare things as they are fun. There is away of reducing such moments! At …

Respect to the fellow blog: Krautkopf

There are sooo many food blogs out there. But the reasons why I still would like to highlight Krautkopf are obvious. First, it is a pretty awesome food blog. This German photographer couple knows how to celebrate food by taking pictures. Quite cute they also provide their love story alongside (they got married only a couple of years ago). Unfortunately, the blog is only in German. But the pictures are VERY nice and google translate gets better and better each year… Finally, they order their vegetarian (mostly vegan though) food blog by seasons. A habit more food blogs should adopt. It gives their site an almost magical flair 🙂 Enjoy!

The ultimate goal of a food blogger

How do you know you made it as a food blogger? Quite easy. You know you made it as a food blogger when your posts trigger earthquake-like social events. As did the post that the picture belongs to. This delicious and easy avocado-pasta recipe was published online in Finnish. So many people tried it out that the supermarkets ran out of the ingredients needed for this recipe… When the supermarkets run out of the ingredients of YOUR recipes, that’s when you know you made it… An English version of the recipe can be found here by the way: May the bug spread!

On the spotlight: Smørrebrød

Once upon a time in Denmark, somebody had the idea of declaring bread with butter a national dish. And ever since, Danes claim to be the unique inventors of bread (in particular rye bread) with butter. The art of decorating traditional Smørrebrød has been documented in beautifull pictures by quite some people. One of the best ones, you can find on the web, is this guy: The site gives you tons of decorating tips for Smørrebrød; a task which can easily turn into a hobby… Also, for all none-Danes around you, recipes to make your own rye-bread at home are included as well. So much talking about Smørrebrød makes me hungry, so I am gonna have some now… Smørrebrød is by the way very delicious! Here the original stuff on display in Denmark:  

On the spotlight: planet retail

An important factor in the food market are retail stores; the guys around the corner that actually have all the food available so that you do not have to go to the field yourself. The market is huge. And, therefore, it is watched by specialized companies, i.e. consultancy companies. One of them is called “planet retail” – here you can learn everything about the big trends in food retail: The articles cost, but the blogs are for free. For example: Quite cool infotainment for all food addicts!