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Wine that is blue as blue jeans

… is so blue cause it is spiked with indigo – the natural colour of original blue jeans. Some natural wine varieties – such ‘blauer Portugiese’ or ‘Blauer Zweigelt'(see pic below to compare colours) – are very dark wines cause of naturally occuring blue pigments in wine. But, this new wine variety is a marketing trick. The Spanish brank ‘GIK‘ thought to themselves: “hm, if everybody is selling red wine – we will sell blue wine”. And, their concept works – they are celebrating economic successes in Spain. Quite obviously, it is absolutely tres chic, to drink blue wine if everybody else drinks red wine 😉 Now they are up to conquering other European markets. Interesting! Their wine by the way is product of food technology and not of raising a special new grap variety… they take out the grapes red pigments and add blue pigments – indigo and anthocyan – exctracted from the graps skins. Honestly, I want to try it!!    

Medieval Hemp Soup Recipes

I don’t know if you aware of it but hemp seeds in food are a pretty modern thing. I know that doesn’t fit the title of this post. But, yes they are! Only recently machinery was developed – the first sometime in the ’90s in Europe – that allows the non-laborious dehulling of hemp seeds. Hemp seeds have a very tough hull – not nice to eat (for a very nice overview of hemp economics and biology look at this recent book). This may be one of the reasons – besides that hemp was primarily for producing cloth, i.e. was harvested when the seeds weren’t ripe yet – that hemp used to be food for the poor. Thus, all traditional hemp recipes out there are really down-to-earth recipes. Don’t get me wrong. They ARE amazing!!! Despite being Medieval, they are even for modern standards pretty healthy… very healthy… Now here is the thing, you hardly find Medieval hemp soup recipes – besides Siemieniotka – on the English web. Thanks God, I speak German as well …

Biotech Optimizes Ice Cream

Very brilliantly Scientists in a collaboration between Dundee and Edinburgh University figured out that when you add a protein into ice-cream, it doesn’t melt away so quickly – staying intact longer as well as preventing sticky fingers and stains. The protein can be naturally found in ‘Natto’ – a Japanese breakfirst (doesn’t look too appealing to me). Natto is a salty breakfirst, but you just add the protein anyway. So, besides staying in form, the protein also does the trick of making the ice cream a lot healthier of course (read more here). The Scientists hope that the optimized ice cream can be already brought to market in 3 years! So – another little bit of Science to brighten your daily life 😉

Are you afraid of GMO food?

Especially when you are from Europe, there is a certain possibility that you are. After all, the EU possess far more strict laws banning the use of many GMO crop varieties. Now, here is the thing: GMO’s may not be as bad as you think explains Nathanael Johnson in his latest article. The reason herefore is not that there are per se no dangers associated with modern genetic engineering technologies. Rather the weak and misleading definition the term ‘genetically modified organism’ is based on prevents a common ground of understanding. Especially, if you have no background in Biology, this article provides a good start to understand the scientific and philosophical concepts concerning the matter. This does not – of course – necessarily mean that the public should accept whatever new crop breed product companies want to introduce to the market. However, it may help to improve the general intellectual quality of the debate.

German ice-cream war

For all food addicts out there – here comes the big news. As you always knew – ice cream can be very innovative. In the age of molecular gastronomy a new ice-cream was invented that it supposed to revolutionize both our taste, touch and visual concept of ice. But, who invented it first: is Kyl or Nuna the original? Two different companies claim to be the original inventors of the ice.So far, both brands are only accessible to a limited number of consumers and are not available on the free market yet. So keep an eye open for the two names (Nuna and Kyl), and be one of the first to try out the new sensation: