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Faces – the little things in life

A friend of mine works in advertisement but his last name is Koch – which means ‘chef’ or ‘cooker’ in German. We talked some other time about LeckerBiss and he liked the site. In particular, cause he himself in his kitchen always encounters these little magical moments. In fact, he has collected a kind of food diary over the last years of little snapshots he took in his kitchen. For example, he has this little collection of faces. I thought them to be magnificent and worth sharing 🙂 Enjoy     +  

The Best Food Porn 2015

With a day and some hours remaining till the new year, it is time to waste some minutes on things that really don‘t matter before focusing on the important issues in life again; let‘s talk about food porn! In contrast to general photography, no official gremium(/-a) exist(s) that elect the most relevant shots of the last year (if you are interested in general photography awards, look for example here, here, and here). However, the food porn movement is starting to get there. Last year, the Berlin food week in end of September/ beginning of October picked ‚food porn‘ for the first time as its theme. A date you should mark in your calendar for 2016, as it is gonna be repeated! As part of the fair, the best food porn photographs get awarded. Among the winners was – as reported by EyeEm – ‚yinyin‘ with his picture of grilling fish: Also,  also this contribution by ‚urban poetry‘ made it among the top selection: Now, of course, determining the best food porn is tricky , as …

Respect to the fellow blog: Krautkopf

There are sooo many food blogs out there. But the reasons why I still would like to highlight Krautkopf are obvious. First, it is a pretty awesome food blog. This German photographer couple knows how to celebrate food by taking pictures. Quite cute they also provide their love story alongside (they got married only a couple of years ago). Unfortunately, the blog is only in German. But the pictures are VERY nice and google translate gets better and better each year… Finally, they order their vegetarian (mostly vegan though) food blog by seasons. A habit more food blogs should adopt. It gives their site an almost magical flair 🙂 Enjoy!