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Food and our Future – starting 8th of August

UNEP offers free online courses to teach everybody essentials of modern pressing issues. For example: what is a food system? Why do we have to think about food in its systematic context ? And, how can this help sustainability? Currently, a new free online course was added to their future learning platform for which they collaborate with the Stockholm Environmental Institute – online classes will start on 8th of August. The course focuses on South East Asia and explains how food security can be ensured here despite a growing population, and PRESSING environmental needs. It definetely makes you a more concious eater, causeĀ  – guess what – what we eat every day actually has an environmental impact… Certificates of participation can be earned! Check out the course here!  

Improved news updates on agricultural development and food security by SIANI

The Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI), is an excellent source for modern research and developments in this sector. Good news for all non-Swedish but English speaker among us: They updated their website publishing English news on a quicker pace and with a more appealing look! Check them out!