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Kaki Santa Claus – a Christmass season sorbet recipe (vegan-friendly)

Christmas season started!! So, time to do all these recipes that fit Christmas!!! I’ll start by posting the recipe of a sweet desert (though it is a healthy one). Believe me – it has a fantastic taste! And, it is very easy to prepare. For two bowls, mix one kaki persimmon and one apple (about 400g each) in a blender. Since it is a vegan recipe, it has a chia pudding base. For this, you need to – 3 hours prior to preparing the recipe – mix 2 soup spoons of chia seeds into 150mL water. After 3 hours the liquid should have turned into a kind of gele. Just add the gele (including the seeds) into the blender together with the apple and the kaki. Additionally, add 5 soup spoons of sugar and 50mL of fresh lime juice. If you want to add 2 soup spoons of cinnamon. Attention: cinnamon is a stimulant and may trigger attacks in people with epilepsy. As my sister has it, I never add it into recipes but serve …

Papaya alegre al Goji

Papaya alegre is a term used in Latin America, when fresh orange juice is put onto fresh papaya to make it taste better. Earlier on, I described a trick of mine to bath a fruit salad in its own juice if I wanna make it taste more intensive. Well, for papaya I have a similar trick. Sometimes the papaya I buy in the shops does not live up to the best if tried (it is still great, or plaine papaya is not what I want to eat. In that case, I mix a bit of the papaya (around 30g) with an equal amount (in weight) of banana and goji berries. The trick is to allow the goji berries to soak in 3 soup spoons of water and 2 soup spoons of tequilla for 15 minutes before use.  Discard the liquid afterwards or use it for shots. Mix papaya, banana and soaked goji berries – Voilà! Attention the sauce doesn’t stay fresh for more than one day, so eat it!

Agricultural Innovation

Where is the limit to agricultural innovation? That‘s what a friend of mine – a Romanian living in the Netherlands who took the picture – recently asked herself. Nowadays, you can buy Pineberries in her local supermarket. Pineberries were of course bred by traditional methods. There are contradicting sources on the web. Some say that Hans de Jongh collected the few remaining plants in 2003 and saved the species from extinction. Other sources say that he himself bred the species further into a commercializable version. Nowadays, pinebeeries are available all over Europe – only 10 years after de Jongh finished his project. They are part of a larger wave of “agricultural innovations” entering the markets. Another prominent example include sweet lupines. Some say this innovations are very needed, other are of course hesitant. In any case the world is on the move.

Fruit Goes Pop

FOREAL design studio created a rather curious selection of, well, exploding fruit designs that are a a combination of  “CGI, photography and accurate hand drawn elements.” The curious selection of images, like the one above, can be viewed here in all their glory. The banana image really reminds though of a Looney Toons cartoon… Maybe the Road Runner zooming away from a banana?