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Fruit Goes Pop

FOREAL design studio created a rather curious selection of, well, exploding fruit designs that are a a combination of  “CGI, photography and accurate hand drawn elements.” The curious selection of images, like the one above, can be viewed here in all their glory. The banana image really reminds though of a Looney Toons cartoon… Maybe the Road Runner zooming away from a banana?

Numero Uno

The first post. I just popped this blog’s cherry. Ok, ok. Putting aside the sexual innuendos, this blog will probably undergo some changes and transformations. First and foremost, though it will focus on the sense of taste and smell. Whether it’s amazing street food obtained from that hole-in-the-wall vendor that you stumbled across while traveling half way around the world, or your granny’s amazing homemade apple pie recipe, we would love to hear about it. Of course, we will fill in our own mouth watering experiences as well too. Cheers until the next post.