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White cabbage salad – basic German recipe

There are many different kinds of cabbage and they are awesome foods; Besides being very healthy, they are easily turned into delicious and filling meals. For example white cabbage. You can make all kinds of salad out of it that last very long in your fridge (and actually taste better if they are 1 day old). For a very basic recipe for a white cabbage salad, you need half a white cabbage (ca. 500g). Discard the outermost leaves and the stalk. Cut the cabbage into very thin stripes (there is no rule for how thin – whatever you prefer is best). Salt the cut cabbage with one tea spon of salt. Equally spread the salt by adding 2 soup spoons of water and knead the cabbage until it turns smooth. Next, you need to cut a onion in very small pieces and disperse it into 1 soup spoon white vinegar acid and 2 soup spoons olive oil. Add lots of white pepper and mix well. Finally, mix the white cabbage with the onion sauce. Best, …

Never forget – pimp your green salad!

Green salad is a standard side dish to whatever main meal I eat. Instead of one salad type, I always mix several types of salads. Plus, I also add other stuff, such as garden radish, bell pepper, carrots, nuts, potatos, tomatos etc. The dressing often tends to be a simple standard mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic. And, I never stop learning what could make a good combination. For example, untill today I never had red carrots in my green salad – something which will change from now on! Red carrots do not only great but they also have a distinct taste from orange carrots. And the moral: never stop experimenting! After all, there are so many variants of vedgies and other foods out there that beg to be tried:  

Suggestion for a snack suited for people with and without diabetes

There is so much good food in this world, you cannot know everything. Today, for example, I learned something new. Do you know this snack? : It is dry salted small chicken peas. On the pictures you see (right) the packaging of the brand, and (left) the chicken peas next to a tea spoon. An Indian friend of my mother introduced her this snack last week. My mother has diabetes and this snack is supposedly suitable for people with diabetes. Plus, it is supposed to better your condition. If you have diabetes of course consult your doctor before consuming it. But, carefull – like with any other good snack you can get addicted to this… 🙂