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Well, beer ice-cream is a thing and you can find recipes all over the internet (this of course also includes beer-inspired recipes such as this one). A little ice cream company from Baltimore saw the unmet need and created wine ice cream – winecream. A perfect combination between sharing a bottle of wine with friends and eating ice cream together. Here is the background story:

Biotech Optimizes Ice Cream

Very brilliantly Scientists in a collaboration between Dundee and Edinburgh University figured out that when you add a protein into ice-cream, it doesn’t melt away so quickly – staying intact longer as well as preventing sticky fingers and stains. The protein can be naturally found in ‘Natto’ – a Japanese breakfirst (doesn’t look too appealing to me). Natto is a salty breakfirst, but you just add the protein anyway. So, besides staying in form, the protein also does the trick of making the ice cream a lot healthier of course (read more here). The Scientists hope that the optimized ice cream can be already brought to market in 3 years! So – another little bit of Science to brighten your daily life 😉

The ice-cream “Bavarian Greetings” – a 100% vegan recipe ;)

So, this recipe is very simple and has a surprising mix of ingredients. To serve two people you need about 200g bananas (for a less intensive banana taste and a more intensive red colour, use only a 100g, or unripe banana) 5 soup spoons cassis juice (don’t take sirup, the ice gets too sweet otherwise) AND 1 to 1.5 soup spoons nutritional yeast (don’t take beer, the ice gets too liquid otherwise) Put the banana in the freezer overnight. The next day, put the banana, casis juice, and yeast in a mixer and mix. Ice-cream is ready and can immediately be served. If you only use 100g banana, the ice cream must be stored 4 hours in the freezer prior to consuming. Adjust the recipe as you wish (for example, if you want it sweet you may substitute casis juice by casis sirup). The picture shows the ice-cream with a peppermint and goji berry topping. If you want to store the ice-cream in the freezer for longer, my advice is to mix it with small …

German ice-cream war

For all food addicts out there – here comes the big news. As you always knew – ice cream can be very innovative. In the age of molecular gastronomy a new ice-cream was invented that it supposed to revolutionize both our taste, touch and visual concept of ice. But, who invented it first: is Kyl or Nuna the original? Two different companies claim to be the original inventors of the ice.So far, both brands are only accessible to a limited number of consumers and are not available on the free market yet. So keep an eye open for the two names (Nuna and Kyl), and be one of the first to try out the new sensation: