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Summer kraut nut avocado salad

It‘s time to mix and match and celebrate plenty. For a laid back Sunday, I decided to prepare this meal-filling salad that basically contains EVERYTHING you need meanwhile having character! What, I mean you will see – just take a look on the ingredient list. Or take a look of the picture I took of the ingredients: For 3 people you need: 1 rather small (but not too small – see pic) pointed cabbage 3 longitudonal flesh tomatos (if questions just take a look at the pic) 200g fresh peas (peel them yourself – see pic) 6 red spring onions 1 avocado 200g walnuts 100g hemp seeds 1 and ½ lemons Hemp oil Olive oil Caraway powder Salt & black pepper Optional: 1 red carrot So, cruel things first: I wanted to use the red carrot as a topping (to add last to the salad). But, I could not since a squirrel ate it. The essence of the story: don‘t store red carrots on your balcony or terrace. First the squirrel marked it with its …

Tasty-bitter bitter taste

NPR radio has a blog called “the salt”. An absolutely fabulous source of information on food, food industry & production, trends and food enjoyment. A simple glance on their categories (“eating and health”, “foodways”, “producers”, “food for thought”, “for foodies”) is convincing enough to visit the site again. Since its radio, you can listen to all of their contribution.  It was here that I stumbled across this very intriguing cooking book by Jennifer McLagan: “Bitter – a taste of the world’s most dangerous flavor, with recipes”. I really want to try these recipes now…. :