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Bitter and sweet – my favourite way of eating sweet potato fries – a quick recipe

With sweet potato fries, it is usually love on the first bite. Preparing them is a bit of an art though. Don’t get me wrong, in fact, it is pretty simple, you just cook or bake the potatoes for a short time, fry them in oil, and put some chillie powder above them. However, every now and then, you will encounter some restaurant or food vendor who figured the ultimate trick how to prepare sweet potato fries. The result is just genuine, heavenly sticks! Although your home-made version is pretty awesome, those are by some dimensions better than yours – a galactic phenomenon. At least this was my thought when I tried the Sweet Potato French Fries from a vendor in the spectacular ‘Arminushalle‘ in Berlin Moabit (always worth a visit!! – see pic). My ambition is sparked – at some point I will figure out their recipe (eventhough the chef who sold me the fries said I should just enjoy – not all secrets are ment to be known). What I liked about their fries …

Delicious creamy standard morning smoothie – suitable for vegans

A smoothie is supposed to be healthy AND delightful. That is easy to achieve. On top of it, the following recipe takes less than 5 min to prepare. Take 1 Banana ½ apple (around 100g, a sweet one with lots of acidity) 200g frozen blueberries 100g frozen fresh spinach And put everything in a mixer. Mix and fill into a glass. SOOOO GOOOD!!! It fits perfect to spring and summer weather. Likewise, you can drink it during autumn and winter – when you are sitting in your warm apartment. A common adjustment of the smoothie is adding only 50g spinach. Others may want add even more to get a real health buster. For the vegans among you: if you add any standard vegan protein powder into the mixture, the taste does not change (except for hemp protein of course – that one always has a strong taste).

Superlicious, supranational lentils salad

I don‘t know where this salad is actually from. But I am sure several nations claim to be its country of origin. Since my Mom always makes it for me, I guess it is Bulgarian. But, it may as well be Latin American or Italian of origin. Rumors wants it that it stems from a Chilean cousin of my mother’s who was taught it by a friend of hers of Palastinean origin (did you know that chile had and still has a relatively large Palastinean immigration). In any case, wherever this salad is from, I now need to write a little appraisal for it! It is a salad mainly composed of brown lentils. There are tons of different types of brown lentils out there – in each country they are given different names. I guess, that in English the word for the kind of brown lentils I mean is pardina lentils. They distinguish themselves from other brown lentils by being less needy of elaborate cooking efforts. 200g lentils need only around 20-30 minutes of cooking …