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How to make fish smooth? – cook it in its own steam!

Fish can be so difficult. Sometimes you buy a fillet that’s just feels, smeels, looks different from all the times before you bought fish. Sometimes you store the fish a little bit longer than you should have. And, then there are these types of fish that are just difficult to prepare. Frying these kinds of fish is a gambling game. The filet may turn out to feel like rubber. Instead, cook the fish in its own steem! That will make a perfect smooth filet. Best, you store the fish fillet before cooking on ice for at least 1-2h. Once you wanna start, dry the fish superficially without squeezing it. Remove fishbones if there are any. Spread equally lemon juice over the fish and salt it. Cut 1 garden leek and a big meat potato into disks (see picture). Take out a cooking pot and cover the bottom well with oil (olive or sunflower oil). Put the flame on highest level to allow the cooking pot to heat. Once the oil starts slightly boiling, cover the …

Tasty-bitter bitter taste

NPR radio has a blog called “the salt”. An absolutely fabulous source of information on food, food industry & production, trends and food enjoyment. A simple glance on their categories (“eating and health”, “foodways”, “producers”, “food for thought”, “for foodies”) is convincing enough to visit the site again. Since its radio, you can listen to all of their contribution.  It was here that I stumbled across this very intriguing cooking book by Jennifer McLagan: “Bitter – a taste of the world’s most dangerous flavor, with recipes”. I really want to try these recipes now…. :