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Continuing on stylish salads – yummy recipe needing only 5 minutes preparation

Well, I admit it is not exactly 5 minutes you need to prepare the salad. The actual preparation time for the salad needs only 5 minutes. But, the salad contains beetroot, which needs to be cooked prior to it. Good news – once the water cooks you can leave the beetroot in it to cook on small heat for a long while without supervision (ca. 1 hour). Also, the salad contains potatoes which need to be cooked in an equal manner (ca. 30 min). You can cook the two in the same pot. And this is how it goes: Pick potatoes with a purple skin (ca. 200g) and ca. 350g yellow beetroot or pink-white patterned beetroot (in the picture you can find the later). Both yellow and pink-white patterned beetroot are sweeter than standard red beetroot. Once cooked, peel the beetroot and potato. Cut them into disks and arange the disks on a flat plate for serving. Crack 10 walnuts and cut the nuts to small pieces (as small as you want). Add 2-3 spoons …

Spicy carrot salad

It took me quite a while to figure out this recipe since the combination of ingredients was unusual to me. And, some preparatory steps are involved to make this salad great; this recipe is not only about tastes but also about looks and texture. Once prepared the salad lasts for up to a week in the fridge and the flavors are more intensive after one day storage. This is what you need for 4 people: 500g carrots 10 thin spring onions (scallions) 10 soup spoons sesame seeds 1 long thin chili sesame oil olive or sun flower oil apple vinegar lemon juice salt pepper Start by peeling the carrots and grating them. Add the sesame seeds to the carrot salad and mix. Cut the chili into very small pieces and add it to the carrots and mix: Cut the spring onions into thin discs and add to the mixture as well. Now there are two different ways how to add oil to the salad; the main oil ingredient of this salad is sesame oil. as …

Secret to a delicious salad: arrange it! don’t mix it :)

This salad was arranged by putting a bed of green salad leaves on a wide glass bowl. In the middle a disk of small white beans was created. The edge of the salad bed was covered with small cut yellow and orange bell pepper. Cherry tomatoes cut in half were decorated on top of it. And, everything was covered by stripes of carrots. As dressing served a mixture of lemon, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and sweet mustard.