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Lifehacks: The 5 min lunch based on CousCous magic

Dave Hakkens is at the moment trying to revolutionize the world a bit by turning as many of us as possible into plastic recyclers (and yes, for some reason his pseudonym sounds like the Dutch version of the other life-hacks channel we inroduced earlier this year…). The man also knows how to eat well, as he demonstrates in the life-hack video below. Before I will cover more of his work (in fact, I am gonna write him an email because I want to learn what his idea is what one could do with all the supermarket plastic bags), I thought it is worth sharing just this little video, as it is easily overlooked on his youtube channel… It is very cute and makes me want some couscous for lunch as well 🙂 Of course, I think though that the one ingredient which is missing in his recipe is hemp 😉 But otherwise: marvellous idea!

Start the new year with a cup of this asian-style almond, carrot, spinach soup

So, it is still winter – even though this winter of 2014/2015 in Europe is a joke… Far too warm, where is the snow? Still, given the lack of light and the ridiculously long persistance of my hangover from New Years Eve, I thought it would be a good moment to brighten up my days with some yummy food. The soup I am presenting here is ideal for that: it is very tasty, has unusual tastes, it is filling and easy to prepare (a good choice if you have to cook for other people like I do at the moment). The combination of ingredients is rather unusual (at least for Western cuisine), so it’s a good change of daily routine. For 6 people you need: 600g carrots 250g fresh spinach 150g almond flour 1 big vegetable onion 6 small shallots 1 lime 3 soup spoons coriander (you may take fresh one if you like) 3 soup spoons hot chillie 2 soup spoons salt (which ever variant you like) 0.5 vegetable bouillon cubes olive oil So, …

Delicious creamy standard morning smoothie – suitable for vegans

A smoothie is supposed to be healthy AND delightful. That is easy to achieve. On top of it, the following recipe takes less than 5 min to prepare. Take 1 Banana ½ apple (around 100g, a sweet one with lots of acidity) 200g frozen blueberries 100g frozen fresh spinach And put everything in a mixer. Mix and fill into a glass. SOOOO GOOOD!!! It fits perfect to spring and summer weather. Likewise, you can drink it during autumn and winter – when you are sitting in your warm apartment. A common adjustment of the smoothie is adding only 50g spinach. Others may want add even more to get a real health buster. For the vegans among you: if you add any standard vegan protein powder into the mixture, the taste does not change (except for hemp protein of course – that one always has a strong taste).