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Upflating your kitchen

Do you live in a tinnie-tiny apartment and get kinda claustrophobic some time? There is a solution: just draw the world you wanna live in on your wall. You don’t believe me that it works – just take a look on the picture and convince yourself that it DOES work. If you are not great in drawing – the artist in the picture is called Mar Hernandez and works at ‘Espacio Oculto Madrid‘ – an artist community that is always looking out to organize more happenings (maybe even decorating your kitchen – ask them!). Mar, for example, is a big fan of the intitution of dining together. Check out here video below:

Faces – the little things in life

A friend of mine works in advertisement but his last name is Koch – which means ‘chef’ or ‘cooker’ in German. We talked some other time about LeckerBiss and he liked the site. In particular, cause he himself in his kitchen always encounters these little magical moments. In fact, he has collected a kind of food diary over the last years of little snapshots he took in his kitchen. For example, he has this little collection of faces. I thought them to be magnificent and worth sharing 🙂 Enjoy     +  

Shall I buy or make it myself??

So – here is an idea (that I am publishing it almost feels like advertisement) that just is really pretty: On the link above, you will get to a side where you can buy it. However, of course, theoretical you can make this by yourself… It is really pretty and I just like the colours you can incooperate into it 🙂 If you have any ideas how to hack it for individualistic puposes, please, go ahead and comment – in any case I am gonna hack it myself soon, too – and let you know 😉

On the spotlight: Windowfarm

Have you watched their TED-talk from 2 years ago? Well by now Windowfarm advanced even further. The idea is simple: Why go out and by food (especially when it is cold outside), if you can grow it yourself in your apartment? After all growing plants at home is also an awesome decoration solution… Windowfarms gives you the solution. Nowadays, there are so advanced that you can chose between products ranging from, for example, “whole body mix” (very nutritious) to “color palette mix” (really a good decoration option). Besides looking good, it is of course always also a good trigger to focus on home-cooking a bit more.