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19th of January 2015 – – –

…is the date that Sweden will see its first all vegeterian cooking show to be airing. A historic date, given that Swedes – maybe I am predjudiced – are either notoriously lazy to cook, or just love their meat. But, just like in the rest of the world, veganism and vegeterianism gain influence. More about the social importance of this event you can read here. The hostesses, Elenore Bendel Zahn and Karoline Jönsson, run by the way their own food blogs – in English and Swedish, respectively.

The countdown is running down: only few hours left till Cinnamon Bunn Day

A friend of mine (thank you Helena) has a theory: in order for Swedes (she is Swedish herself) to be able to combat the dark season (sth Sweden is blessed with) they invent holidays. See for example the Cinnamon Bunn Day ( or For all none-Swedes among you, Cinnamon Bunn Day is situated on the 4th of October. If your local bakery shop does not supply you with Bunns, recipes can be found elsewhere, for example here: Cinnamon buns Enjoy!