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A song of lecker: Dilekerei

A little note on languages. When you jump from baker to bakery in German – which is Bäcker and Bäckerei respectively – you change from masculine to feminine. The guy who does it is a dude but the work he is doing is feminine. German is a bit more complicated so we do not say THE baker and THE bakery – we make it clear: there is a difference – DER Bäcker (male) and DIE Bäckerei (female). And, alike English, you can turn almost anything into a business: bakery, winery, grocery etc… However, if you turn Lecker – like in LeckerBiss – into a noun, the adjective ‚tasty‘ becomes a noun for tasty things: Leckerein. The singular is feminine – die Leckerei – yet, not a work anymore but a thing. Most often by the way Leckerei is used for sweet things. And, yes Die Leckerei – that sounds a little bit like the Turkish name Dilek – a name for girls. At least that‘s what Dilek thought – a girl from Berlin. So when …

Medieval Hemp Soup Recipes

I don’t know if you aware of it but hemp seeds in food are a pretty modern thing. I know that doesn’t fit the title of this post. But, yes they are! Only recently machinery was developed – the first sometime in the ’90s in Europe – that allows the non-laborious dehulling of hemp seeds. Hemp seeds have a very tough hull – not nice to eat (for a very nice overview of hemp economics and biology look at this recent book). This may be one of the reasons – besides that hemp was primarily for producing cloth, i.e. was harvested when the seeds weren’t ripe yet – that hemp used to be food for the poor. Thus, all traditional hemp recipes out there are really down-to-earth recipes. Don’t get me wrong. They ARE amazing!!! Despite being Medieval, they are even for modern standards pretty healthy… very healthy… Now here is the thing, you hardly find Medieval hemp soup recipes – besides Siemieniotka – on the English web. Thanks God, I speak German as well …

THE smart way of cooking spaghetti

Alright the pic above does not fit the text – but it’s just supersweet, so thank you ‘Herr-Teddy-goes-Rock!-Oder-Pop?‘. I discovered a life-changing trick today: how to cook noodles in an energy saving way. In fact, the recipe is much more than this – it saves soooooo much time!!!  You don’t need to carry a huge bowl of water over to your cooker and wait for ever till it finally cooks (meanwhile in the process adding too much salt). In short, just take a deep frying pan, add the noodles or spaghetti, and cover them with cold (the trick is cold) water. Then heat the pan (for me it is maximum heat) and wait till the water gets soaked up. Once almost completely (well I always get curious already at half way) soaked up, try whether the spaghetti are al dente. Finished! Nice little background story – legend tells that originally some high school students developed this protocol for a ‘Science Fair’ in the wine growing areas of Germany  (here the link).