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Red lentils pasta with a classical chillie-tomato sauce

First the obligatory spaghetti monster pic: Two years ago I wrote about a pasta brand that produces spirelli made of 100% lentils. Guess what – they come in different colours! Depending if they are made from green, yellow, red, brown, or black lentils, the pasta is accordingly green, yellow, red, brown, or black ๐Ÿ™‚ Two years ago, I tried the green variety – made from green lentils. Now it was time for the red variety. To make it short – it’s a lot better than the green variety!! The green variety was very difficult to integrate into a dish – not so exciting. In contrast, the red variety is delicious! It tastes a bit different from normal pasta which is a plus; this means for example that you can use a sauce with minimum herbs with it and it still tastes very characterfull. So, let’s start you need: 250g ofย  red lentils pasta (this is one package from the brand HOLO – see here) 3 mid-sized onions 1 red bell pepper 2 tea spoons hot …

Tips and tricks that function: how to cut cherry tomatos explained by “the yummy life”

Today, I learnt how to cut cherry tomatos thanks to the awesome food blog “the yummy life”. It is quite easy: put the tomatos on a flat surface (e.g. the bottom side of a plate or a plastic lid). Cover them with an equal object. And cut through the middle of the tomatos with a bread knife. At yummy life they recommend a certain type of knife (pretty cool – you can buy it there), but actually any saw knife will do. This trick allows you to cut many tomatos at once. Moreover, you can even cut grapes, cherrys and equal sized object in this manner. Thank you yummy life!