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On the spotlight: Worldwide Berlin!

Berlin is the capital of Germany but it’s inhabitants feel that their hometown is far greater than that – more like it’s own planet. And, they are not alone. Around the world there are more than 100 places which are called Berlin. No matter whether in Papua New Guinea or Russia: Berlin is everywhere. Shown in the picture is a snapshot from Berlin in Bolivia where more Lamas than people live. The “glocal” project “Worldwide Berlin” explores all of these places and compares them with each other. Among the many topics covered is of course the food eaten in the different Berlins. So, check it out:

Pastel de Belém

When visiting Portugal, I was told I had to try a Portuguese pastry called the Pastel de Nata. In particular, I needed to try the original called the Pastel de Belém produced in the Belém civil parish of  Lisbon. After visiting the Tower of  Belém and seeing the final resting place of a Vasco da Gama in Jerónimos Monastery,  I stumbled across a long line outside of a bakery called the Fábrica de Pastéis de Belém. ‘Aha,’ I thought to myself. ‘I found the bakery.’ I saw a group of British teenagers eating the last of a large box that they purchased. One was sucking the powdered sugar off of his fingers before telling the others he was going back in line for more. To be honest, I debated slightly if I felt like waiting in the summer heat, but the the line was surprisingly fluid and I took the plunge. After about 10 minutes, I was by the counter trying to communicate with my fingers (unfortunately Portuguese is not my forte)  the amount I wanted in front of a …