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Speaking Vegan – a new youtube channel in town

A friend of mine from Hamburg is a very passionate Vegan. A large part is owed to her being outraged by current practices in the meat-producing industries (and I think she is right about it – even though I am not living vegan 4 out of 7 days in the week). She is sooo big into Veganism – she explained to me some time ago – that she just cannot understand the Carnivore point of view anymore. Very happily she now shared this guy‘s perspective on the whole matter – I guess his video on understanding carnivors for Vegans was helpfull to her 😉 His youtube channel is only a month old but you can tell from the make-up that he mostlikely is becoming BIG – so watch out for him (is it a him or a team?). My favourite video so far was this educational background video he gave about vegan protein sources – interesting:

Still on the hunt for THE egg plant recipe – and having discovered other important things instead

  Some time ago I wrote about a fantastic egg plant recipe. Well, I was promised to be soon provided with the recipe – it is from North Iran. There is a trick associated with it, cause best the egg plant is best prepared on a coal grill and the recipe needs to be adapted to electric kitchen ovens. In the meantime, I would like to elaborate a bit more about preparing egg plant for a mouse. The basic recipe of it is similar to a fish sauce recipe I published 2 years ago. In short, you need to quarter an egg plant. Then leave it in the oven for 45 minutes at 200°C. By baking, all the bitter flavours of egg plant are neutralized. Quite simple Once you are done backing peel and muse the egg plant by cutting it into a puree. Heat olive oil and add the egg plant together with cut garlic (one clove per agg plant) and turmeric (curcuma) as well as chillie and salt. Even this basic recipe will …

19th of January 2015 – – –

…is the date that Sweden will see its first all vegeterian cooking show to be airing. A historic date, given that Swedes – maybe I am predjudiced – are either notoriously lazy to cook, or just love their meat. But, just like in the rest of the world, veganism and vegeterianism gain influence. More about the social importance of this event you can read here. The hostesses, Elenore Bendel Zahn and Karoline Jönsson, run by the way their own food blogs – in English and Swedish, respectively.

On the spotlight: vegan salchichas by “el chino latino cocina”

To get this right: we are not seeing here “just” another vegan sausage recipe. If his recipe only would present another variation on this topic, E.C.L.C. would have already made a pretty good job cause his vegan “sausages” are pretty tasty. But, no,no this genuine recipe goes further, it tries to recall the taste of Spanish salchichas from a vegan point of view. Great work! And, it is a pretty “clear” recipe from the types of ingredients mixed. Keep on experimenting! So, finally I would like to ask you lovely readers: any thoughts and recipes on vegan salchichas so far?

Respect to the fellow blog: Krautkopf

There are sooo many food blogs out there. But the reasons why I still would like to highlight Krautkopf are obvious. First, it is a pretty awesome food blog. This German photographer couple knows how to celebrate food by taking pictures. Quite cute they also provide their love story alongside (they got married only a couple of years ago). Unfortunately, the blog is only in German. But the pictures are VERY nice and google translate gets better and better each year… Finally, they order their vegetarian (mostly vegan though) food blog by seasons. A habit more food blogs should adopt. It gives their site an almost magical flair 🙂 Enjoy!