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On the spotlight: navette (turnip)

Turnips are called navette in French, rzepa in Polish and Mairübe in German. Before the arrival of the potato in Europe they were very important vegetables. As I got into lazy cooking recently, I rediscovered them for myself. Their very elegant taste – softer than garden radish or horsradish but definetely with a sharp spike – makes them perfect veggies for a salad. Just peel them (they are easy to peel), cut them (they are easy to cut) and put olive oil, lemon juice and salt on them. Any yoghurt dressing or sweet dressing will do as well. It tastes just magnificent. Last but not least – you can store them for weeks, so it is a really good vegetable for lazy cooks 😉

Secret to a delicious salad: arrange it! don’t mix it :)

This salad was arranged by putting a bed of green salad leaves on a wide glass bowl. In the middle a disk of small white beans was created. The edge of the salad bed was covered with small cut yellow and orange bell pepper. Cherry tomatoes cut in half were decorated on top of it. And, everything was covered by stripes of carrots. As dressing served a mixture of lemon, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and sweet mustard.

Never forget – pimp your green salad!

Green salad is a standard side dish to whatever main meal I eat. Instead of one salad type, I always mix several types of salads. Plus, I also add other stuff, such as garden radish, bell pepper, carrots, nuts, potatos, tomatos etc. The dressing often tends to be a simple standard mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic. And, I never stop learning what could make a good combination. For example, untill today I never had red carrots in my green salad – something which will change from now on! Red carrots do not only great but they also have a distinct taste from orange carrots. And the moral: never stop experimenting! After all, there are so many variants of vedgies and other foods out there that beg to be tried: