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Wine that is blue as blue jeans

… is so blue cause it is spiked with indigo – the natural colour of original blue jeans. Some natural wine varieties – such ‘blauer Portugiese’ or ‘Blauer Zweigelt'(see pic below to compare colours) – are very dark wines cause of naturally occuring blue pigments in wine. But, this new wine variety is a marketing trick. The Spanish brank ‘GIK‘ thought to themselves: “hm, if everybody is selling red wine – we will sell blue wine”. And, their concept works – they are celebrating economic successes in Spain. Quite obviously, it is absolutely tres chic, to drink blue wine if everybody else drinks red wine 😉 Now they are up to conquering other European markets. Interesting! Their wine by the way is product of food technology and not of raising a special new grap variety… they take out the grapes red pigments and add blue pigments – indigo and anthocyan – exctracted from the graps skins. Honestly, I want to try it!!    


Well, beer ice-cream is a thing and you can find recipes all over the internet (this of course also includes beer-inspired recipes such as this one). A little ice cream company from Baltimore saw the unmet need and created wine ice cream – winecream. A perfect combination between sharing a bottle of wine with friends and eating ice cream together. Here is the background story:

Poiera Dusty – an opportunity to spend an afternoon with friends

Recently, I described the liquor wine Maydie – quite an experience and a beautiful wine to be drunk alongside a dark chocolate desert. The chocolate artist Warren Laine-Naida now brought to my attention another wine – Poiera Dusty (see picture)- that excellently goes along with dark chocolate. If you think you see a mob on the wine’s label – you are right there is a mob on the wine’s label… Mobs and vaccuum cleaners are the distinction mark on all Poiera wine labels. The reason for this is simple: when the current wine-grower and owner – Jorge Moreira – bought Poiera, the slope was so dry that it reminded him of a dust desert. Since his first wine in 2001, this vineyard in the Dourotales region of Portugal has been critically acclaimed for their original and spirited wines. The wines are grown on a slope with northerly aspect by the way, i.e.tastes of Poiera wine tend to be more elegant compared to sun  bathed plants. And, this characteristic is preserved throughout the whole wine-making process: …

‘Lost Eggs in Burgundy Sauce’

I found an old cooking book from 1938 from South Chile (even back then Germans lived in Chile – not like all the Nazi-associations everybody immediately gets). The little black, hand-written cooking book survived all this years. See picture! In this book, there is one recipe, I have never seen before. And, I wonder where it comes from. Knowing the author, I can see that maybe she read it SOMEWHERE and found it extraordinary chiqué! Quite a thing. The chef in question was a Master in cutting veggies for a soup particularly small because it is elegant (and her soups tasted soooo good!!). She was a lady through and through – so, I guess this recipe is a kind of window in her origins. (I hope she doesn’t read this from heaven…). Let me be clear – I haven’t tried the recipe so far. There is a simple reason: it is a recipe how to prepare eggs in a red wine sauce. Being modern German, I find red wine too luxurious to be wasted to …

And another national holiday: today is national wine day in Moldova

Many of you may know about Romanian wine, but yes, of course, Moldova is pretty awesome when it comes to wine, too. Unfortunately, their wine industry is more under pressure by poor domestic spending capacity and low level of export (in fact Russia recently banned Moldovan wine imports cause Moldova dared to sign a treaty with the EU). But, Moldovans love their wine and support it with this very important festival (the stamp is dedicated to the festival in fact). If you want to read more about the topic, start here, here or here!